Stuffed pancakes:

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fluffy, delicious and ready in no-time!
They are not the usual pancakes!

2 eggs;

2 egg whites, whipped;

30g (2 tbsp) sugar

a pinch of salt

200ml (2/3 cup) milk;

170g (1 ΒΌ cup) all-purpose flour;

16g baking powder;

Milk chocolate.


Beat eggs with sugar and vanilla until pale.

Whisk flour and baking powder.

Start adding dry ingredients and milk into the egg mixture in turns, while whisking constantly.

Fold egg whites into the batter.

Heat a non-stick pan and pour 1 tbsp of the batter on it. Place a piece of chocolate in the middle. Top with more airy batter.

When the bottom of the pancake has browned, flip it onto the other side and cook until golden.

Enjoy your Stuffed pancakes.

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