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FLOUR TYPE 00 500gr

MILK 1lt


SEA SALT a pinch


  1. To prepare the mixture of the crepes, put the eggs in a bowl (1), beat them (2) and then add the milk and a pinch of salt (3).
  2. Sift the flour and put it in the mixture (4), add melted and cooled butter and blend everything eliminating any lumps until you obtain a homogeneous mixture (5). Let it rest in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes (6).
  3. To cook the crepes, use a special frying pan of about 20cm, put it on the flame with a bit of butter and pour the mixture in it (7), creating a thin and uniform round layer (8).

4.Wait a minute and if the layer of the crepe in contact with the pan becomes golden/brown, then one side is cooked, so proceed to cook the other side (9).

  1. Once cooked, crepes can be stuffed both hot and cold. There are those who fold them in half with the stuffing inside, those who fold them in four parts, and finally there are those who prefer to roll them up.

6.When I cook them but I do not use them all at once, I leave them in the refrigerator (cooked crepes can be preserved for a maximum of two days, while the raw dough can be preserverd at most for about ten hours) and when I want I use them as a first course, cutting the crepes in many long and thin strips as if they were already cooked tagliatelle and then I season them with tomato sauce or with cream and mushrooms. Crepes are perfect both as a single dish or as an appetizer, as a first course, as a second course or as a dessert. It all depends on the use you will make of it.

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